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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Karra Huth

Karra’s extensive sales experience in the medical, telecommunications and SaaS fields, allows her to thrive as an Assistant & the backbone of the Originations & Acquisitions team at SCF.

She started her career as a Customer Service Representative for a medical distribution company before being promoted to an Inside Sales Representative position. She eventually outgrew her position in medical distribution and desired to sail the currents of change, resulting in a telecommunications position. Karra quickly adapted to telecom and became the sales development team lead. Her passion for building and strategizing sales & administrative functions landed her another sales role in the SaaS market, where she assisted the sales organization by creating and streamlining existing procedures. Karra’s inside sales experience, coupled with her strategic approach to sales administration, make her a great asset to the SCF team.
Karra is passionate about health and fitness. She is an avid crossfitter and can pick up a desk chair with one finger. She also loves to travel and immerse herself in various cultures. Her love for tacos and tequila brings her back to Mexico year after year. In her spare time, Karra enjoys sipping cocktails, petting strangers’ dogs, and spending quality time with her family and friends. One day, Karra hopes to open her own business and plans to use her experience at SCF to make that dream a reality.