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Why Choose A Solar + EV Charging PPA?

Many businesses, municipalities, and non-profits are interested in installing solar + EV charging on premise but are restricted by limited roof/parking space, costs or policies. Community solar + EV charging projects, or shared solar + EV charging energy plants, are solar developments whose electricity is shared by multiple commercial, municipal, school, or non-profit entities while also providing EV charging options for their employees or customers. A hybrid between behind-the-meter & utility-scale solar, community solar + EV charging has become a popular solution for utilities, energy consumers and local lawmakers.

While purchasing a system outright or leasing are sometimes options, they require either a large upfront payment or large monthly payment, neither of which is an attractive option to those looking to cut costs immediately. A solar + EV charging Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, frees participants of the burden of ownership and maintenance while offering immediate savings and no upfront cost.

Community solar + EV charging legislation has been more widely adopted in states such as Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Illinois, and Colorado.

Community solar + EV charging is an ideal solution for entities located in community solar + EV charging friendly jurisdictions that are looking to cut power costs, provide EV charging options, and take part in a green initiative, without having to install panels on their own property.

Community Solar Financing

SCF and Communities

SCF is actively acquiring community solar + EV charging projects from developers, at various stages of development. With a wealth of experience working with community solar + EV charging developers and large entities such as school districts, municipalities, and businesses, SCF is the perfect finance partner for those looking to participate in a green initiative while reaping the economic benefits of solar and EV charging.

Benefits of Solar for communities:

Environmentally friendly
Cost Savings
Sustainability commitments
The SCF Suite makes PPA pricing quick and easy

The SCF Suite

With just 8 project variables, receive indicative pricing in real-time.

  • Solve for PPA Rate
  • Solve for Build Cost
  • Solve for Lease Rates
  • Try several iterations
  • Identify economic viability instantly

As project parameters are input, documents & agreements can be auto populated, allowing for immediate download & use.

  • Sales docs
  • Term Sheets
  • PPAs
  • EPCAs
  • Diligence Checklist

A project checklist and existing file name architecture allow for an easy to use data room and an easy to manage project.