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Solar + EV Charging Stations for Commercial & Industrial Customers

SCF offers Solar + EV Charging financing solutions for commercial & Industrial, and non-profit customers, providing improved savings and a revenue share to organizations.


In today’s corporate landscape, cost savings and environmental responsibility are at the top of most organizations’ priorities. To help customers achieve both objectives, and the benefit of charging revenue, SCF created a Solar + EV Charging Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that combines the benefits of a traditional solar PPA with the installation of EV Chargers on site. Electric Vehicle adoption has seen exponential growth in recent years, while charging infrastructure growth has failed to keep pace. Charging stations can create revenue and provide additional value to customers, members, and tenants. 

EV chargers backed by a Solar PPA operate similarly to a traditional solar PPA. EV chargers will first utilize solar production. Organizations will receive a revenue share, and/or charging users can receive discounted charging rates. The buildings will then use the surplus solar, to offset energy spend, creating immediate savings. SCF can provide all of this, with no upfront cost to the organization. 


The organization will purchase the surplus solar energy, at a contracted price over the 15-30 year agreement term. Upon completion of the term, the system can be purchased at Fair Market Value or a PPA extension can be executed. 

Most facilities utilize machinery, heavy computing, HVAC, lights, commercial cooling, and other big energy draws. A traditional commercial solar installation can reduce these costs, however, the addition of EV chargers can increase earnings, and make for satisfied shareholders, customers, members, tenants and visitors. 

Solar for Commercial & Industrial Energy Consumers
Solar for Commercial & Industrial Energy Consumers


SCF’s proprietary software, the SCF Suite, provides customers with the ability to price solar powered EV charging PPAs, very quickly and efficiently. Projects can be priced and evaluated in minutes, providing immediate feedback on economic viability. 

SCF continues to innovate financing solutions that drive immediate & meaningful economic and environmental benefit, solidifying itself as the go-to solar financier for C&I solar + EVC projects. 

Benefits of Solar for C&I:

No investment needed
Highest revenue share offered
New property feature
Attract new Customers
No installation or maintenance needed
Strong financial partners
The SCF Suite makes PPA pricing quick and easy

The SCF Suite

With just 8 project variables, receive indicative pricing in real-time.

  • Solve for PPA Rate
  • Solve for Build Cost
  • Solve for Lease Rates
  • Try several iterations
  • Identify economic viability instantly

As project parameters are input, documents & agreements can be auto populated, allowing for immediate download & use.

  • Sales docs
  • Term Sheets
  • PPAs
  • EPCAs
  • Diligence Checklist

A project checklist and existing file name architecture allow for an easy to use data room and an easy to manage project.