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Solar Financing for Schools

Sustainable Capital Finance (SCF) has added a gem to their solar portfolio. Saint James Academy of Solana Beach, California is shining with photovoltaic solar arrays located on flat roofs, pitched roofs, and atop a shade pergola. The aggregate 116kW system will offset power from 4 meters located around the campus.

In addition to offsetting over 100 tons of carbon emissions annually, the system is projected to save the school over 20% of the electric charges in year 1.

Steve Campbell, Project Manager for SCF, was speaking to the hurdles that the project presented.

“Given that there were three different types of roof surfaces, each with its own engineering requirements and mounting type, the level of diligence was particularly high for this project.”

The system operates with Tier 1 SolarEdge inverters and Hyundai 72-Cell Modules. Given that there were some old-growth trees on the campus, the designers chose to use SolarEdge power optimizers. These control the current flow and voltage to the inverter – minimizing any shading concerns.

The project came online and started generating savings in November, 2017.

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